Skyrocketing Respiratory Care Expenses

Billions are spent yearly on respiratory illnesses and diseases throughout the world. If you are a clinician, physical therapist, or a patient dealing with a chronic respiratory condition, learn more about our drug-free approach to improved respiratory health.

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Heart & Lung Co-dependence

The heart and lungs work closely together to keep you alive. The lungs supply oxygen to your blood and the heart pumps that enriched blood back out to the rest of your body. Without a healthy interconnected co-dependence, respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses abound.

"Unfortunately, the cardiovascular (heart) and respiratory (lungs) systems are so connected that if either one has a problem, it may also cause the other to fail."

Dr. Albert Rizzo American Lung Association’s Chief Medical Officer
Respiratory Muscle Training (RMT)

RMT may vary depending on individual needs and goals, but it typically involves regular sessions of controlled breathing exercises with some level of resistance.

In healthy individuals, the most notable benefits of RMT are an increase in diaphragm thickness and strength, a decrease in exertional dyspnea, and a reduction in the oxygen cost of breathing.

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Professional Guidance Recommended

RMT is usually performed under the guidance of a healthcare professional or a physical therapist to ensure proper technique and safety. While respiratory conditioning with the PrO2Health Connected Platform is designed for anyone to use safely, we recommend consulting a trained healthcare provider.

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PrO2Health Connected Platform

Our PrO2Health Connected Platform is the only fully connected, cost-effective option for remotely monitoring respiratory metrics and training data. Our streamlined on-boarding process, cloud portal and automatic notification system makes monitoring hundreds of active patients easy even for a single clinician.

The platform uses a handheld, precision-engineered Bluetooth device, a telehealth mobile app and an online cloud monitoring portal. With three variations of devices, we have one to suit your needs, whether you are an individual, a patient or a clinician.

The mobile app incorporates the proven Test of Incremental Respiratory Endurance (TIRE) protocol. The protocol is individualized and follows the tenets of exercise prescription at a frequency of 2-3 times a week. This approach uniquely allows training to fit into busy lifestyles with maximum benefit. It is an easy-to-use system with over 30 years of published research, giving you confidence that you're using a trusted and effective tool for your respiratory wellness. 

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Apps are available for iOS and Android. Please contact us if you are interested in the Windows PC version.